dean and cas’ reactions when hearing each other’s voices.


A medida que veia el capitulo no podia dejar de pensar en la pelicula.

No esta muy bonito,pero la intencion es lo que cuenta. ¿no? ^__^


On being Renewed for the fifth season

these dorks are too loveable


Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life -video-



Who is the biggest troublemaker on set?


my favorite canon lesbian character + text posts

reminder that this has Hugo Weaving removing a Hugo Weaving mask to reveal Hugo Weaving wearing a mask which is actually supposed to be his real face


when people exclude nat from an avengers photoset and put in loki instead



Spock …

Including the younger Spock from the Genesis Planet. Also included Spock from the 2009 movie, since technically, he is the ‘real’ Spock

Deconstructing Masculinity & Manhood with Michael Kimmel @ Dartmouth College









Still my favorite story from the Lord of the Rings set: Viggo Mortensen bonded so much with the horse he rode in the movies that after filming was over he bought it from its owner. If that doesn’t warm your heart I don’t know what could.

don’t forget that he also bought arwen’s horse for her stunt rider when she couldn’t afford it awww

#also don’t forget that for the rohirrim they put a call out for locals #bring a horse show us you can ride it and get a part in the battle scenes #and one women went out roped a wild horse and rode for a few days to set #and got to be a rider of rohan

also sort of relevant viggo also bought the horse that costarred with him in the movie hidalgo and subsequently took the horse (tj) with him to the red carpet premier. 

Also most of the Riders of Rohan are actually women because when they put out that call mostly women showed up with their horses and the costume team just stuck beards on them.

if this isn’t the best post i don’t know what is

new zealanders are actually rohirrim tho

All of these things. andthe fact that the children in helm’s deep and other scenes in LOTR look back at the films and are like, “HEY LOOK! MY BABY VIDEOS.”

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